Thursday, October 23, 2014

We are better than this Canada

Yesterday something horrible happened in Ottawa. A solider was shot and killed.

It is always a tragedy when someones life is taken by violence. In this case it was also shocking because the solider was not embroiled in combat but standing guard beside our war memorial.
This is the second solider who was attacked in Canada by Terrorist.

Both attackers were Canadian men. Obviously all Canadian men are insane bloodthirsty animals who should be treated like the criminals they are and be put on terrorist watch list and not allowed to gather in groups.

What? You think that sounds crazy? So how is it that so many people think it is OK  based on the fact that both attackers were followers of Islam to paint all Islamics with a wide and hateful brush?

I saw THREE separate people share this link today on FB. It calls for the shutting down of all Mosques.

Hate begets hate. These individuals are fueled by hate. They are vindicated when we go on the attack. When we start treating innocents like criminals it validates the proselytizers who say that we are the enemy.

Yes ISIS is scary. Terrorism is terrifying. We all want to find a solution.

 If I based my opinion of Christianity on what I saw in the news then I would think they were all  Pedophile, homophobic nut bags who bomb abortion clinics, Shoot doctors, and let kids die instead of getting medical treatment. Hardly a fair depiction.

Most people (myself included) recognize this as stereotyping and failing to apply logic. These abominable acts were perpetrated by individuals who happen to be Christian and are not indicative of the average Christian you will meet in the streets.

Lets extend the same courtesy to Muslims. Don't let your fear cloud your judgement. They are also Canadians who are suffering right now. If they want to gather at their mosque and seek solace lets not try and pretend it is any different from a candle light vigil at a church. They also have sons and daughter who serve in our military, they also have children and loved ones they fear for.

In fact I think they have more to fear than anyone else. Not only do they need to worry about their lives being shattered by a lunatic with a gun they need to be afraid of the current cries for so called justice I am hearing. They need to be afraid that because they were born into a religion that is currently unpopular they are being viewed as the enemy right now.

Notice the words under the statue

Canada is supposed to be a beacon to the world. We preach tolerance and peace. Today, for the first time in my life, I felt ashamed of my country. I was ashamed that we are allowing fear to splinter us and make us hateful. I am ashamed at the amount of hate that fills my social media streams. I am ashamed to see us becoming part of the problem.

We all have a choice to make. As we face this tragedy together we need to decide.

Will we fuel the hate that caused this
Will we reach out and show them that we will not break and we will not abandon our ideals. We will not become the rage filled monsters they want to portray us as. That no matter what, the Canadian ideals outlined in our Charter will not waiver. We will not uphold it only in times of convenience but also in times of turmoil 

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
  1. freedom of conscience and religion;
  2. freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
  3. freedom of peaceful assembly; and
  4. freedom of association.

We are all in this together