Thursday, May 17, 2012

What do I care?

I have very strong opinions about a lot of things that do not directly affect me and I constantly get asked "why do I care"

I am not Gay. Why and I so damn adamant about equal rights for the LGBT community?
I am not in high school and  neither are my kids. What do I care about bullying?
I am not black. what do I care about discrimination?
I am religious. What do I care about keeping prayer out of school?
I am not American. What do I care about the erosion of their rights?

This list could get very long. But the answer is the same for everything. I care because if I don't it makes me the problem. If I don't stand up for those who have no voice it is the SAME as actively harming them.If I am not part of the solution than I am the problem.

It is easy to live in our own little bubble. To ignore the injustices that do not directly affect us. If we do though we are the worst kind of person. If you walk past a homeless man being harassed and ignore it then you are just as evil and vile as the people harassing him.

If you hear a woman in distress but ignore it then you are as guilty of her rape as the rapist.

Yes I know my life view seems narrow but it comes down to this. I have seen too many people suffer when others had the power to end it. You have the power, if you choose not to use it I can only assume it is because you are a vile human being who does not care.