Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The War on Christmas

I don't know about you, but I for one am sick and tired of having store clerks, tech support, and random people I meet on the street wish me "Happy Holidays". I mean really the nerve of these people wishing me happiness and joy. Who the hell do they think they are?

Oh wait, that sounds really stupid when you say it out loud.

Every God damn year I hear people bitch about how they are being oppressed because someone said happy holidays. Seriously? That's your version of oppression? You need to get out more. Maybe some time in Palestine or a country under Taliban rule will teach you what that word actually means.

Feel free to say Merry Christmas in return, or better yet be happy that they are saying something polite rather than "get your selfrighteous ass out of my way bitch"

Every year on the news and online it is the same ol rant about the war on Christmas. How others are forcing Christ out of CHRISTmas. Really is there a secret Jesus Gestapo that I am unaware of that is breaking into homes and steal Christ right out of peoples nativity scenes? Are there blockades outside of churches stopping people from worshipping on Christmas eve?

And my all time favorite rant is when a store advertises holiday trees for sale and people get up in arms because they don't call it but the proper name of 'Christmas tree'. Really? Proper name? hmmmm, seems to me they had a different name before Christianity started subverting pagan traditions in the name of converting. 

Yeah proper name my ass.

There is no war. Christmas is a paid frakin holiday. How much more government endorsement can it get? As long as you are allowed to celebrate on private property as you see fit stop your bellyaching.

If there ever IS a war on Christmas or Christianity it will be because of asshats like you who play the victim all the time usually while trying to actively oppress others and/or cram your beliefs down their throats