Thursday, December 12, 2013

There are 2 kinds of sexy

I am going to use the boys from Supernatural for an example. If you haven't watched the show it is ok. Watching it is not necessary to understand this post. Oh and .... spoilers probably

Ok so on the left is Sam and on the right is Dean. Keep in mind that everything I say about their character from here on in is about SAM AND DEAN not the actors who portray them.

A week or 2 ago I was playing around on G+ and my husband was watching Supernatural on Netflix. during a lull in online conversation I turned to the tv. My husband and I have been together 13 years so he is pretty good (usually) at reading my face. Apparently he had seen my Hubba hubba  face.

He made a crack about me watching the show  now that I ha seen a hot guy. I will admit to being a bit shallow and that he was right. Eye candy gave the show an edge over G+. What he was wrong about though was who I thought the hot one was, at least at that point in time.

See he was referring to Dean and my eyes were glued to Sam.

Sam (for me) was the kind of sexy most of us want to be. What that sexy looks like is different for different people but it does the same thing to all of us.

Sam was the kind of sexy that grabbed my inner Neanderthal  by the uterus and screamed procreate. It was a visceral reaction.  He had physical traits that I gravitate to.

 Dean was moderately attractive possibly even average in my mind standing there next to Sam.
A few days (and goodness knows how may episodes later) everything had changed. Physically the boys still looked the same but Sam just wasn't doing it for me at all anymore.

Tall, broad shoulders,very square face, long legged.

Allow me to illustrate .... repeatedly

Yet even with all of THAT in his  favor had I been stuck in a room with that character in real life I would have kicked him behind the balls.

He is SUCH a whiny bitch so much of the time. Yes your mom died, and your GF. Your dad was preoccupied an not very good at nurturing. You didn't get the life you wanted. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

He is so damn angry all the time and when he is not angry he mopes.

So as the show progressed I found Dean significantly more attractive although I am still willing to concede Sam is a fine physical specimen.

Why is Dean the more attractive one to me now. His Character. He is not good at taking shit from people. I mean really does this LOOK like the face of someone you want to fuck with?

 And he actually has a sense of humor. In fact he has my favorite kind of humor ... inappropriate
 He is driven and determined to get his own way

So while Dean is an uberdouche an not physically as good looking as Sam at the end of the day his character is the more attractive of the 2.

And guess what there are women out there who feel the exact opposite. who are attracted to different physical and mental traits than I am. In fact I have heard a friend describe guys as "too tall" words that have never crossed my lips.

I did find Sam attractive again once he lost his soul. He very much became a single minded machine

and now I will end with gratuitous eye candy that serves no purpose

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