Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are you talking to me?

See I thought we were having a conversation but now I am not sure since you keep reading and replying to text messages. Why would you ask my opinion and then only give me about 20% of your attention as I answer you? If those text were about your grandmother who is dying with cancer I could understand having to answer them the second they come in but they aren't.

It is your boyfriend texting how much he loves you for the hundredth time today, or your friend asking what you are wearing to the party tomorrow night.  I had a cell once upon a time and I loved texting for a reason. You wanna know what that reason was?

It was because I could find out what people had to say when it was convenient for me!

Honestly there is a time and a place for text messaging and it isn't when someone is trying to interact with you face to face. Some people are just way too "plugged in" these days. Don't bitch that I never come to visit  you when every time I do you spend the entirety of my visit at your computer playing on facebook.

Oh and while I am bitching why on earth can you not just SPEAK to the person on the other end of the couch? Do you have to text? I was taught that it was rude to whisper because other people in the room may be uncomfortable thinking you are whispering about them. You know what same goes for texting. If you want to have a private conversation with your friend GO SOMEWHERE PRIVATE. Texting them from 4 ft away is the equivalent of whispering in public.

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