Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your life isn't that interesting

I love to talk. Face to face, on the phone, even online. I like it so much I even talk to myself on this blog. I like listening to other people talk as well. A good story can make my day. My Friends always have an ear for tales of stupidity on behalf of their husbands or offspring.

What I don't want to hear is a conversation I have no part in. Brief snatches of conversation in a mall or restaurant amuse me. Especially if it is something that kinda makes me wonder. I once was waiting for a movie and heard "You'd swear my clitoris was the Holy Grail the amount of time it takes him to find it". It left me with a lot to ponder while I waited for the movie to start.

I can't stand people though who talk so loud I have no choice but to endure their entire conversation. I think the amount I am exposed to this increases accordingly with cell phone sales but it could just be that I am getting bitchier by the year.

While strolling the aisles of the grocery store debating between Tostitos or Doritos I don't want a play by play of your grandmother's hysterectomy, your child's bowel movements or your husband's affair. However if I have to hear about it then I think I should be allowed to give my two cents.

Flaunting your dirty laundry in public is asking for input. Even if that input is that you are an attention seeking whore (hey you discussed at 80 decibels not knowing who the dad would be if that pregnancy test in your hand came out positive) you have no right to complain about it if you opened the can of worms.

There is a place to discuss things that are nobodies business but your own and that is in private.

So think twice before discussing this in public. Use your indoor voice and remember if you don't you may forever be used as a bad example in cyberspace.

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