Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes corporal punishment IS the answer

Some days by the time supper rolls around you are just to exhausted to cook. There could be a million reasons for that but for me it is usually child related. The idea of having someone not only cook for me but also clean up the mess afterwards is nearly enough to make me weak in the knees these days so I pack up the kids and husband and head to the local family friendly restaurant.

Notice I said "family friendly" not 5 star. I like going somewhere that I don't have to worry too much if my nine year old erupts into an uncontrollable giggle fit after farting. A place where my one year old blowing raspberries isn't likely to get me the death look. After all they are kids and shit happens (If I am lucky in a diaper or toilet)

Kids being kids doesn't bother me at all. What irritates the shit out of me on the other hand is parents NOT being parents. Why would you let your kid run around a restaurant, kick airplane seats, Carry on in a movie theater or otherwise irritate the crap out of everyone around them. Telling them 100 times "oh sweetie, that's not nice" is not going to change the behavior obviously or it would have worked the first time. Honestly you can't blame the kid for being an out of control brat though when the parents lack a backbone.

Sometimes I will grin and bear it, other times I leave. Once in a while I say something to the kid that usually startles the parent into doing something or gets me told off. EVERY time though what I really want to do is beat the parent.