Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Geeks are cool .... you're a poser

"So Jill said you were a geek, I know we will be best friends then because I am such a total geek too! I love Harry Potter I read it like twice"

"What's Dumbledores full name?"


"DUMBLEDORE! what is is full name?"

"Um, Albus?"

"Wow I think I would rather gouge my own eye out with a spork than be your friend"

    Now Knowing Dumbledore's full name is not exactly a prerequisite to being my friend, it's Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore if you were wondering, but if you are going to try to establish your geekhood based on HP it seems like something you should obviously know. Most diehards memorized it by accident.

In case your wondering that was pulled from real life conversations. I am a geek and I make no bones about it. The things I geek out about may have changed over time but my basic inner Sheldon has remained.In Jr high and high school I was a theater, chess, and choir geek. Books and music were my life with a bit of rugby thrown in for anger management. 

Now I am a book and music geek who runs a bi weekly game of D&D, plays magic the gathering, and gets more excited by a spirited, yet civil, debate than a naked Colin Farrell (ok well maybe that is a toss up) but my geekness remains an integral part of me.

The problem (?) is that somewhere along the way being a geek became cool, I used to think I wanted to be cool but now I have changed my mind. People pretending to be what I am annoys the shit out of me. It is bad enough I have to live in a world surrounded by idiots but now they are pretending we have something in common. It is kind of insulting. 

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