Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 cents an hour! That's what I'm worth.

Yep that is what I learned last week I apparently value my time at ALMOST 11 cents an hour!

The people making Ipods in Chinese sweat shops get paid more than that.

See my toddler lost my keys last week. I spent three frantic days searching for them. Three days of my life I will never get back. Three days of sifting through kitty litter, emptying garbage cans and putting my hand up a cows butt. Ok so the cow in question was a puppet but the rest of it was still nasty.  I needed to find the keys because when I googled it I was told it would cost $200 plus to put in a new ignition.

OMG I can't afford that. Well I could but it wouldn't be easy! So instead of forking out the dough I stayed  housebound and rechecked all the places I had already looked. NOTHING, NADA, the keys had found my homes extra dimensional portal and went off to visit all the left socks and gloves.

As a last ditch effort my dad called the dealership and they said they could cut new keys from the VIN number on my registration.

Hallelujah ..  praise the lord .. I am saved. 

He went to the dealership for me (since I couldn't drive my car)  and returned with a shiny new key. For 48 dollars I avoided a new ignition. When  went to give him the money he laughed and told me "Just kidding it was $8.42"

Eight dollars and forty two cents. For a savings of not even nine dollars I gave up three days of my life. Are you fucking kidding me? That makes the value of my time less than 11 cents an hour! I ran the math.

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