Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seriously America ?

Why is a Kinder Surprise egg (shown below) illegal in the United States but a fully automatic assault rifle with armor piercing rounds is ok?

I mean sure a kid COULD choke on a kinder egg if the parents don't watch them but these same idiot parents who don't supervise their kids can own guns?


This is what your lawmakers do with their time?  I mean not even making this about gun control

In what universe is a chocolate covered toy so dangerous that it needs to be more strictly controlled than fire arms?

 How much time and energy does Border Patrol exert ensuring no one smuggles in these high risk toys for young children to enjoy.

When is the last time a disgruntled postal worker went on a killing spree by lobbing kinder eggs.

Terrorist don't throw then into busy subways

Gangs don't chuck them out the windows during drive bys killing toddlers

Seriously America. Your priorities are FUCKED UP!


  1. There was an error. It is SEMI automatic weapons that are allowed

  2. You would be surprised, but the eggs indeed caused far _more_ children deaths than assault rifles. So, common sense seems to be not so common.